Creekside Trading is proud to showcase the amazing artists of many mediums in our community and surrounding areas. Our store is a brick and mortar showcase of the local and regional talent.

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We carry everything from artisan jewelry, paintings, metal sculptures, prints, furniture & more!


This blog is our chance to put a spotlight on each artist individually, and introduce them to you!




 Mark Alan, graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Architecture, has always enjoyed design and loves creating woodwork. “I never cease to be amazed by the beautiful grain and figuring which can be found in wood”. Mark Alan and his wife now reside in beautiful White Bluff TN and is quickly becoming a highly recognized Tennessee Artisan.



Faye McBride - Local artist Faye McBride., schooled in NYC and Italy turns her whimsical ideas into wearable art. She has traveled the world collecting the bits and treasures found in her work.



The Artist Jay - Jay, from Greensboro, North Carolina began his career making bead and wire wine glasses 14 years ago but turned his attention to jewelry and now creates fun and funky jewelry from the recycle bin. Your piece will never need to be polished, it is recycled aluminum and very lightweight.



Michelle and her husband noticed in 2016 that there’s one group of people who often get overlooked when it comes to finding great smelling, good for your skin soaps and grooming products......MEN. The goal is to provide men with awesome, manly- smelling soaps, beard oils, colognes and more. The products are made in small batches, are vegan, and are all phthalate, paraben, and detergent free.

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Franklin Flannels give vintage flannel shirts a second chance by artistically reverse dying and softening them one shirt at a time. “we believe that comfort should also be fashionable, and that everyone was born to stand out - no two Franklin Flannels are alike” Located right around the corner in Franklin, Tennessee Cindy and Dominic are truly local artists.



Artist John Paul Daniel says: 

"I am an outsider artist. I make my art out of sawmill lumber and other found materials. I sculpt the wood with my saw and sander into shapes of fish, snakes, gators and other critters, flowers, butterflies, etc. I make all sizes from a few inches to 15 feet long. I paint them using enamel paint so that the pieces can be hung outside if you want to. I also make angels and signs with inspirational messages on them. I paint them to remind me how to live. I am a musician and I love the blues, so I make “Bluesmen”, too. God has blessed me through my art. 

     It makes me smile and laugh making all my artwork. When people buy a piece of my art, the main thing they say to me is,  “it makes me happy, it makes me smile”. I try to give people a sense of hope. If I can do it you can too. I wake up in the morning and ask God to help me that day, and at night I thank him for helping me. He hasn’t let me down. . I hope that I can inspire others to enjoy life and live in peace.

    I first started making art in 1993. Since that time I have met so many people and made so many friends. My art has blessed me and my hope is that my art can be a blessing to others."



Kasey Caldwell - Kasey took her love of wood, power tools, building things and lots of color and turned it into an art form. She now lives in Nashville, TN the music around her inspires her funky, unique and colorful pieces.

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Local artist Bill Williams, brings music to live visually with his stunning art. His whimsical art comes after a successful career in Architecture. He has been commissioned by many major musicians to create visual art to the liking of their tunes! He currently resides in Leipers Fork, and is working on restoring his beautiful, century-old farm house! 

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Country Christmas Eggs are the original designs of Oregon artist Dan Stevens. Since 1982 he has drawn from photographs he takes while traveling with his wife Sherry. He has captured the beauty of over 300 small towns, quaint historic villages, landmarks and museums, including Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.


My Fur Baby’s Bandanas


Steve Smith / Art from Empties


Silver Forest / Spirit Earrings


Sadie Green’s


Barbara Lewis


SilverChest Creations




State Paws/PooDoo Leash




Jewelry Junkie


Rhino Leather


Anju Jewelry


Nathan Wesley Art


Jeff Potts Wood Furniture


Susie Holladay / guitar string



Light Jordan illuminating art


Copper & Clay Jewelry


Cheryl Finta Gnomes


KP Artworks


Duke Cannon


Col. Littleton